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A joint effort of local churches to offer temporary, emergency shelter for the homeless community. LifePointe is hosting the homeless from February 11-17.


DINNER -Arrive to LP between 6:00-6:15pm with food already prepared -Prepare to serve the food to guests (max of 20 guests per night) -Eat dinner & socialize with the guests -Clean up Common Grounds -Groups providing dinner may also choose to provide an optional extra service for the guests (i.e. manicures, haircuts, games, etc.)

GRAB N GO BREAKFAST -Ideally, groups providing dinner will also provide breakfast items that guests can grab on their way out the door the following morning (i.e. fruit, pastries, muffins, granola bars, etc.)

OVERNIGHT TEAM -Arrive at 8pm; Depart at 6:30am -Meet and socialize with guests & other members of security team -Enforce the EG WINS rules/guidelines for all guests -Watch movies, play games, read, sleep, etc.

HOW TO SIGN UP: When signing up, be sure to scroll down to the "Add On" section and select a date for DINNER or OVERNIGHT TEAM. Enter the number of people you are registering (limit 10 per date for DINNER and 6 per date for OVERNIGHT).

Optional Add-Ons

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  • Overnight Team
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Event Details

  • Feb 11
    6:00 pm
    Feb 17
    8:00 pm